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tv   7 News at 6 PM  NBC  December 25, 2015 6:00pm-6:30pm EST

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stuff coming out of that house so i don't really know what's going on it's scary because i all hear gun shots coming out of his house . we don't know what it. could be a bomb. we have no idea. >> reporter: back out here live in everett where you can see the fire department hosing dunn a home that exploded, erupt erupted into flames just a short while ago. that was after a six hour stand standoff inside of this home. swat team had been here all day long trying to get the man who lives inside of that house to come out peacefully. neighbors tell us that lately things have been going on a little strange at that house, that man has been upset did you to the loss of his mother. police have not said or confirm anything actually to us at all all day long. we are waiting an up debt from the police chief here in everett and try to bring you the very latest as it develops and as you can see out here it is clearly developing. live in everett, kelly o'hara, 7 news.
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turning to the holiday heat wave dashing any hopes of a white christmas. you can still have a bright one though. not your typical december feel outside. let's take a live look out at the city skyline and just a beautiful night in boston. if you are not a fan of snow, that is. a warm day, warm temperatures, a lot of people though wondering where their white christmas is . that's part of the perk of being in new england, right? you get that picturesque white christmas, but i'm not complaining. you know, i had a lot of questions too, people saying are we going to have to pay for this warmth later because we kind of did last year but i say last year that was a prepayment. so hopefully that is what insured us to have a warm holiday and it certainly was. providence setting a new record, 64 degrees. worcester tying the order record of boston not quite making it up to records but still 62, that's a warm one. norwood at 66 and 64 for a high in waltham today. now here a look at those old records.
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record for boston rather and then for worcester tying that record from 1964. but there is this as well. only three times in record keeping history have we seen christmas temperatures 60 or above. today makes number four, so normal high for this time of year, 39, not even close to that that. not even now. 56 right now in boston. 53 this worcester. 50 in norwood. those dewpoints much more manageable today. that air mass is not as sunny as it was. however we do have a chance it see some showers as you can see across the south coast as we move through the next couple of hours. we'll run through this time line and talk about the potential for some very wintry weather for next tuesday coming up in jut a few minutes . >> anchor: also on 7, a dangerous drive knocking out power to hundreds in brockton. an suv goes off the road snapping a power pole. that driver and his passenger driving his suv and taking off. tonight police are searching for the people in that car. 7's kimberly bookmanly for news
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problems that crash caused. kimberly? you can see the street lights on behind me at this hour hour. power now fully restored. the last winds to get it, that store over my shoulder which was out pretty much most of the day. i had a gauge, said the food is still safe. >> reporter: expecting company for christmas the harrington's were concerned their whole meal would be ruined when they woke one no power . my wife went to get the turkey in there and i says i think we'll make it. they last around 12 hours of you don't open it too much . >> anchor: all because a car crashed into this pole on brockton's north montel oh street around 4:30 this morning. knocking out power to 300 customers. the outage threw many for a loop. if it was like snow outside you kind of expect it and prepare yourself for it but it . >> reporter: this man chose to open and make money only to find without power.
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. >> anchor: police say the two people in the car ran off but left the car behind. crews spend the holiday on the scene and in about six horse got most of the power back on . now i'm back in the spirit . >> anchor: turning what could have been a lump of coal into christmas conversation gold. see, this is what happened to my chris mace day. police tell us they are still looking for two suspects on a cause of the crash recording live from brockton, kimberly >> anchor: we're following more news today. a suspicious scare after gunfire heard in shirley. correctional officers at m.c.i. shirley heard gun shots yesterday afternoon and say they saw a man running a way. all of the inmates at the facility are accounted for though. later that night police received a call regarding a breaking and entering which turned out to have never have happened. >> anchor: the local community trying to save christmas for one family colleen came home on tuesday to find her house in
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the christmas give she bought for her children were gone. she and her five children received housing a siftance so they had to move it a new home in dorchester. after hearing her story many people offered support during this tough time for them. >> anchor: a mad dash for fed ex workers over the, working over time to deliver left over packages. customers took to social media to express frustration. the delays are because of last minute shipments and severe weather in parts of the country. fed ex is still making some deliveries today and had some express locations open for in store pickup. following breaking news out of millford now where police say two people are dead from carbon monoxide poisoning. investigators say a couple in their 40's were found dead inside their home. two more people are being treated at the hospital right now. we have a crew there and we'll bring you the very latest just as soon as we get it . >> anchor: new at 6:00 a family in rhode island in need of a new
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their daughter needs to be in a special wheelchair which makes traveling a huge challenge. mom works at a high school in massachusetts and now they are holding out hope for some type of kiss mass miracle. 7's john cuoco live for us with all of the details here. john? well, for this family it's been a long road trying to get this van and they are still try trying to make it happen. i carry her out and my house as you see has stairs . >> reporter: amanda has to do this for her 8-year-old daughter abbie, with an undiagnosed neuro neuromuscular disorder . she is not ale to walk, talk, she is a fantastic sitter . >> reporter: any time amanda leaves her house in rhode island she has to pick up abbie who weighs 50 pounds and put her in her car. she has to do the same for her daughter's stroller, another 50 pound pickup . she is get took heavy for me to lift . that's why amanda is hoping her christmas wish is granted. handicapped converted van.
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get one for a year now. the big problem? cost. average is between $50 and 60,000 . >> reporter: a fund-raising site has been set up for abbie that's raised around $18,000. amanda is looking to close that gap for abbie's safety and her own . honestly if i fall and get hurt then, you know, who will take care of her in that sense? >> reporter: that's happened before . her billy handed on my face so i couldn't push her up and he came running and picked her up off my face . for abbie amanda keeps hoping . physically it would make it a lot easier. she would be safer. >> reporter: if you like to help check out the go fund me page. live in foxer it, rhode island, john oh, 7 news these men and women enjoying a special holiday meal in kuwait today. their deputy commanding general of operations was one many people serving them on christmas day. a gesture to recognize the
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it's important to go out and many soldiers have been deployed multiple times during christmas and mother holidays. we want to thank them for their service and really tell them we appreciate what they do for our army and for our nation. >> anchor: troops were deployed to provide support for the fight against isis . >> anchor: up next on 7 news at 6:00, christmas with boston's cardinal. cardinal o'malley celebrates the season. how his holiday message isic in aing a difference in the hub. >> anchor: the rivalry rages on on. the pats preparing to ground the jets. we get you set for marquis match matchup in the meadowlands. staying on top of breaking coming out of everett where a standoff has ended after a home burst into flames there. the suspect gives himself up to police before he starts that fire according to authorities we're staying on top of the story. that neighborhood in chaos right
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[ ] we are a family, brought here through destiny. and we, we grow together. together a new world we'll see. together... a family. we will always be.
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>> anchor: cardinal sean o'malley spreading cheer to hundreds of people on christmas day. boston's cardinal serving lunch and hoping a special prayer service in the city . >> anchor: his act of kindness try ending the holiday for those in need. jennifer egan was there and has more on festivities. christmas morning, cardinal sean o'malley bestowed blessings on volunteers and staff at saint francis house in boston. he thanked those who served the homeless who stay here . we're very grateful to all
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francis house that carry on that same love of god and love neighbor that we see reflected in this wonderful institution . a message very much in keeping with the christmas season. it is also election season and the cardinal was asked about a message that is not so inclusive. donald j trump is calling for a total and complete shut down of muslims entering the united states. i would say merry christmas and ask him to reflect on what the christmas message is. >> anchor: then cardinal o'malley came here to the cathedral of the holy cross in the south end to celebrate a special christmas mass. christmas is about joy so often people don't know the difference between happiness and having fun fun. we live in a culture that's so addicted to entertainment and having fun and yet sometimes it's very hollow . >> anchor: instead, cardinal o'malley asked those at the mass
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love now and all year . christmas if you look at the manger it's not the commercialism and the gifts, it's just love that the only love and connectedness. that's what we want people to re rediscover at christmastime. news . >> anchor: certainly the good to see everybody celebrating christmas and getting out there and you know really focusing on the true meaning . that's rye of a lot of support coming from him. so cool things there, bree. . no. we're going to turn that warmth into more winter like weather as we get into next week and we will cover that in more detail coming up next in the forecast. sports the count down to the winter class sick on. now just 7 days away as presence continue at jill health and the patriots have a chance to lock up home feel in the afc. we have to lock down two of the
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ok, we're here. here's dad. mom. the twins. aunt alice... alice was coming. of course. don't forget grandpa. can the test drive be over now? maybe just head back to don't you want to meet my family? yep, totally. it's practically yours, but we still need
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the volkswagen sign r p r r t p and othernselect models. >> anchor: boston bruins forward david pester knack share a special holiday video. look at this. this adorable little dog named apple opening up her chris has ( (. the bruins winger offered a little help unwrapping it and then apple seems to really enjoy look like a stuffed monkey. little dog toy there. she is excited about that. remember, you can catch foster knack and the bruins and winter
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the puck drop at 10:00 p.m. new ar's day and after the game you can find complete coverage of all of that action. i guess everybody should be that excited about a christmas present, right? >> anchor: that's what i look like this morning. i hope santa brought you everything you asked for, liz . >> anchor: i tried to be a little calm but you tow i think there is something about just getting up early on christmas morning that will never go away. now i'll tied of course. course.. as much as it's being dark outside makes it even more sleep sleepy an with a water temperatures we have been having too. it just maximum you want to take a nap . it is all a little confusing. i towly understand that. it was like my poor cat watching the yule log last night and just walking behind the tv. he couldn't figure out what was going on there. we did not set a new record today for boston. 62, did not make it up to the record of 65 but worcester tied the old record from 1964 and a new record for providence of 64 beat the record from last year of 63 degrees.
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history have we ever seen a christmas 60 or above in boston. today makes number 4 on that list. it puts it into perspective to just think that we should be seeing highs for this time of year in the upper 30's. this is so far from that that it's not even funny so. hopefully you got outside and enjoyed it today. if you did not you still have time to do so of we're still sitting in the mid 50's bedford to boston worcester as well. 50 kegs for norwood now and dewpoints a lot more manageable today. that more dry air as well to the not of us. however, it's not soupy like it was last night and so dense fog not really concerned with that as much as we were as we made it through last night. however, there are some showers trying to work in to the south coast, buzzard waters bay, came cod and islands. that will be for the evening hours and maybe closer to midnight but it doesn't look like it lasts for very long. those showers that do push in. i even think this forecast model is a little over done of the most of that wet weather staying to the south of the mass pike as we head into the overnight hours hours.
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sprinkle on the south coast. 38 to 46 temperatures stay mild. and if you get a break in the cloud cover out there, then you will see that full moon, our full cold moon and the first christmas moon we've seen since 1977. really cool article that i read from the "washington post" that was about all the history tied up in that christmas full moon. you have to check that out. amazing. post low cloudy tomorrow. cooler temperatures but still not cool for where we should be for this time of year. highs tomorrow about ten degrees above noral. and we're looking right around 50 for most locations to top out out. we do get another boost in temperatures for sunday a little wet weather as well, but then look at that plummet as we get into monday. that. saturday mostly dry until we work into the late day overnight hours and into early on sunday. and then the colder air cans in behind that front and it stays with uses we kick off next week. so what's going on with tuesday. that's the big question everybody is talking about this. i will tell you what?
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treading more toward a milder air mass working in with that wet weather. now i do still think there is a good chance we start off with snow and possibly ice and a messy morning commute on tuesday but it's looking more wet than white at this point and we'll continue to watch it for you. there will be pretty on the line sunday afternoon when the patriots and jets renew their rivalry in the meadowlands. new england shared the top spot in the afc with a win with a loss for the jets assures gangrene will come up short for the pub for the playoffs. the jets entering week 16 with the fifth ranked defense in the nfl. allowing just under 20 points her game also an opportunity, incorporated third in the league for 28 take aways and five of their last 7 meetings decided by three points or less against the pats. tom brady expecting another stiff test in the latest chapter of this heated rivalry. it hadn't ever really been this defense that you know has been kind of walk in the park
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it's always been a big challenge but starts with having really good players. they do now been well-coached or really well-coached this year. there is a lot of scheme things they do that are challenging to prepare for. so it's tough. >> anchor: not often the patriots go into a game without a clear-cut advantage at the quarterback position but that will be the case sunday as patriots take on a red hot ryan fitzpatrick. the harvard alum already hitting a new career high with 26 touchdowns still with two weeks to play. ten of those 26 scores forfeits patrick have come in the last four games. a stretch posting better numbers across the board than even one tom brady. count the patriots defense among those not surprised by the 33 33-year-old fitzpatrick success this season. i think he is a smart guy. he has been in the league a while. again, he is able to comprehend what's going on out there and
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in the best position so again i think he has done a great job and it's another challenge for us this week. >> anchor: having one of the best one-two purposes in the nfl to throw to certainly helps out the dynamic due off eric decker and brandon marshall combining for over 2,100 yards on 165 catches to go along with 21 touchdowns. newly minted pro bowler malcom butler certainly knows that pats d will have to be at its best. i think one of the best pairing in the nfl. they both big, they both can run run. big catch, run after the catch, so we just got to do a good job out there and cover those guys. this group is feisty and they come up and hit you in the mouth and play physical so we're going to get a couple of students. we just have to capitalize on them. >> anchor: looking the hat by malcom butler. remighter bruins and canadians are just one week away from taking their story to rivalry out doors facing off at gillette
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showcase game on new year's day. for quebec native patrice bergeron an extra special team he has all rooted for . growing up i was a fan and back then the rivalry with montreal was up there as well and so it was pretty eaty for me to make the transition and easy also for my familiar low to cheer to route for the bruins so it's going to make everything great for everyone come january 1 . and you can catch ron's full interview with 7's alex corddry sunday night on"sports xtra." that's sports. all right, tre, thank you.
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>> anchor: a happy holiday and merry christmas for an oxford high school student who now has some brand new shoes . >> anchor: little things. his teammates on the basketball team pitched in and bought hmm a new pair of jordan sneakers for christmas. the boy has downs syndrome. a big part of the team. the have ideowas taken by a teammate showing h i reaction when he got that special present present. you can see how grateful he is for that. it's wonderful to see people so grateful for things like that this time time of year, right? i was going to say sometimes people don't think the time to think about how much they have or what they can be grateful for and when you see someone truly appreciative of it that's israeli night. it reminds us of what this time
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for joining us here at 7 news. i'm jadiann thompson . i'm elizabeth noreika. is a wonderful evening and a very merry christmas. we'll see you later. energy supply rates keep going up and down. at eversource, we don't like it any more than you do. it doesn't mean more money for us. it means that the market price of the energy we buy for you has changed. across the region our natural gas supply and bring in affordable, clean hydropower from canada. we're leading the way toward the solution...
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